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If one is a fan of shooting and survival games, then free fore- battlegrounds by Garena is for them. This is a mobile game launched to both Android and iOS. It has become one of the most famous survival game in the scene with major challenges and graphics to entice the gamers. To get the Garena Free Fire hack, follow the instructions below.

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About Garena free fire hack

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In this game, in total 50 payers are dropped into the island with parachutes where one will have to fight to survive till the end of the game. One can use the weapons from the game and also use their combat capability to survive on the island. There are certain strategies one can use while playing the game; either one can create an ambush for their opponents by going in the stealth mode, or use a sniper scope of 4X power magnification to kill one’s opponents or go face to face to the opposing squads by grouping up with one’s friends.

One can fast gaming pace with chic clean graphics which looks great in all types of mobile devices. The controls fo the game is also smooth and are optimized for intuitive controlling. This is the reason why this mobile game has become so popular that it stood to be one of the top 5 games in the world. also, this is a factor because of which now everyone is searching for garena free fire hack, to excel in this game.

Features of free fire-battlegrounds hack

Garena free fire Art

There are several features for the free fire hack that make this game interesting and can easily get one hooked to it. some of the features are mentioned below:

High definition scenario

The overall game is built with precision, so much so that the overalls getting looks too real and believable. In the entire game, the lightings are perfect, which makes the open world real with proper reflections on the objects like buildings, trees and in all the elements of certain landscape space. Also, the images are of higher quality so that one can easily recognize the areas and weapons. This entire realistic and high definition set up makes the game interesting and not too childish.


When it comes to a battle royale game the most important thing in it is proper weaponry. In a free fire, one can find several types of weapons while on the adventure through the entire game. One can choose their weapon according to their game strategy. So if one is interested in sniping one opponent them using a sniper rifle will the best bet or else one can choose other gun, rifles, grenades, etc.

Lots of scenarios

One can literally enjoy the entire game based on different locations and scenarios that one will have to face. One will have to complete various missions and challenges all the while keeping oneself alive by taking tactical steps. One will have take measures to keep oneself alive by hiding in bunkers, moving from one place to another by using vehicles or zip lines, collect gems and diamonds, etc.

free fire battlegrounds gameplay


This is one of the newer features n this game as one can easily understand the glory of the guild system. In this one will play with various guildmates and win to get glory points and also can enjoy the guild leader-boards which will tell one about the position of the guild in the game. Also one can play along to increase their guild size.

Bermuda map

One can see the entire map called the Bermuda map, and one can also move from one place to another on the map accordingly. Also in the latest feature, a new area is added to the map called graveyard with very fewer buildings and it lies between the shipyard and outpost.


In this game, one will not only fight the co-players and competitors one will also have to kill the zombies. In the carnival mode of the game, one will have to kill the zombies as quickly as possible. this is available only in the Bermuda map and the entire game is played at night mode where one will encounter two types of zombies one with an axe and other with bigger claws. The number of zombies will keep increasing as the game moves forward. One can collect quite a lot of loot when one kills the zombies.


In the recent update of free fire battlegrounds, one can also bring in a kitten with themselves while coming to the battleground. The pet option is simply for the cosmetic reason because it does not really have any advantage or bonuses attached to it. one can bring a pet by buying them for 200 gems and their food for 50 gems. So if one is feeling rich them this mode is for them.


One can find several garena free fire battlegrounds hack astuces these days as the game is becoming one of the most played and favorited game in the mobile game arena. There are certain things that one need to keep in mind like one should not land in the places which are too crowded and don’t be seen by the enemy and shoot them as quickly as possible or get shot instead. Remember it is not just a shooting game but a survival game where one have to survive till the end.